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Appalachian Trail Design, Construction, and Maintenance
Appalachian Trail Design, Construction, and Maintenance
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This is the classic, comprehensive manual on how to build a footpath to withstand the beating of 8 million boots a year (some hitting the ground 5 million times), to rest lightly on the land, to preserve the natural resources around it, and to allow a true backcountry experience-all at the same time...

Gates Bar-B-Q Sauce (Sweet & Mild)
Gates Bar-B-Q Sauce (Sweet & Mild)
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As a flavor enhancement, Ollie Gates discovered a method of combining a unique mixture of spices in this tomato based sauce, to create an excellent seasoning to intensify the flavor of meats, veggies, salad dressings and dips.

Gates Sweet & Mild Seasoning and Marinate
Gates Sweet & Mild Seasoning and Marinate
Sale Price: $10.85

Kansas City's Own Gates Bar-B-Q All purpose seasoning and marinate.

November's Chopin Cluster Central Flower Plates Colorful Teardrop Stone Statement Chunky Necklace (Brown)
November's Chopin Cluster Central Flower Plates Colorful Teardrop Stone Statement Chunky Necklace (Brown)
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  • Keep riding mower battery fully charged with solar. - I keep the batteries on my riding lawn mower and my DR brush hog fully charged all the time. I purchased one of the inexpensive solar panels for each, available on EBay. They are made to keep a car battery... 

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